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Coaching Sessions


Personal Coaching Sessions

These sessions will focus on recognising your patterns, releasing them and allowing your natural self free expression. This is a really exciting process, yes challenging at times, but then you come through the challenges and emerge, living freely, confidently and passionately.  Life becomes meaningful and exciting.

Enjoying Sunset

Group Coaching Sessions

These sessions follow the same focus as the Personal Coaching Sessions.  The only difference is that you will go through the process with a group of your choosing or, if you prefer, will be placed in a group.  This approach offers group support and networking opportunities.   Should issues arise that you would prefer to deal with in a private session, you have the option to see me for a one on one session for that particular issue and then resume your group sessions.



No workshops are running at present

One Day Workshop - This dynamic, transformational workshop guides you in how to be a spiritual being, living in a physical body, participating in everyday life.  In support of this process, you will receive practical knowledge, tools and techniques and be given the opportunity to practice their application.

Two Hour Workshops - These workshops focus on a topic, such as boundaries and needs, exploring emotions, communication and interpersonal relationships.  They offer an educational component as well as practical experience.

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